News: Gypsy tart originated from the Isle of Sheppey
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Author Topic: Sheppey regional centre, c3000 bc.  (Read 3683 times)

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Sheppey regional centre, c3000 bc.
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2010, 21:01:11 »
Kingsborough farm Eastchurch.
2 partially excavated causeway enclosures on the islands central ridge. The second highest point on the island.
Now mostly destroyed. Discovered in 1998-99 prior to the building of a series of 'executive' homes.
1-Causewayed enclosure, Three circuits of ditches on South facing slope, looking towards mainland Kent. More than 150m (500ft) in dia. Inner and middle ditches contained large deposits of deliberately placed flint and pottery fragments.
2-Causewayed enclosure on North facing slope, with views across the Thames estuary.
     Both earlier Neolithic, build at a  time when agriculture was taking over from hunting and gathering.
The enclosures were probably cermonial sites used for important regional gatherings,worship and pilgrimage, and were build at places of significance in the landscape at a time when the sea level was some 18m (60ft) lower than it is now, so they would have been even more dominant.
Preliminary report, Current Archaeology,#168 2000.
Gazette & Times 18 Sep 2002.
Archaeology of Kent to ad 800. various, Boydell press/KCC 2007.


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