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Author Topic: Detained Soldiers Break out of Gillingham Barracks. February 1946  (Read 897 times)

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Detained Soldiers Break out of Gillingham Barracks. February 1946
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Armoured Cars in Hunt.
LONDON, Feb. 28.
Fifteen soldiers, most of whom had just arrived from Aldershot after the destructive riots there, broke out of the detention barracks at Gillingham (Kent) on Tuesday night, (26th February) says the "Evening News." Before they broke out the men beat a staff sergeant and seized and set fire to their own personal crime records. Military and civil police threw a cordon round the area and have already recaptured six men. Armoured cars and armed civil and military police searched southern England in pairs last night for the remainder of the escapees. The "Daily Mail" says that some are believed to have rifles and no chances are being taken by the searchers. Orders are that the men must be given a fair challenge but police, both military and civil, must shoot at first sign of an armed attack. The War Office says that none of the escapees was concerned in the recent Aldershot trouble.


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