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Author Topic: Murder in Chatham Dockyard 11935  (Read 109 times)

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Re: Murder in Chatham Dockyard 11935
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2018, 13:04:54 »
There is a full and detailed account of this case here:

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Murder in Chatham Dockyard 11935
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19th January 1935.

Leonard Brigstock, a 33 yr old stoker Petty Officer of HMS Arethusa then in Chatham Dockyard, was incensed that CPO Herbert Deggan had charged him with three relatively minor breaches of naval discipline. It being Saturday , Brigstock went into Chatham where he had some drinks, although witnesses would say that he was still sober when he returned to the ship. He went to Deggan's mess and found the CPO lying in his bunk. He cut Deggan's throat so violently that the head was almost severed .
Brigstock then went to another mess carrying the bloody razor and spoke to another PO " Here Ted " he said " I've cut that CPO's throat "
When charged , Brigstock said " I didn't know what I was doing.... I didn't do it maliciously . Not as far as I know " .
At his trial later in the month two of Brigstocks brothers, both constables in the Metropolitan Police, gave evidence of his strange behaviour, but the senior medical officer of Brixton Prison, called by the prosecution, said he had kept Brigstock under observation and he could find no evidence that he was insane when he committed the murder.

Brigstock was hanged at Wandsworth on 2nd April.

Taken from A Grim Almanac of Kent . by W H Johnson.
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