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Author Topic: Coal Tax Boundary Posts  (Read 989 times)

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Coal Tax Boundary Posts
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Since medieval times the Corporation of the City of London had exercised the right to weigh and measure certain commodities, including coal, entering the port of London with a fee made for this service. To help pay for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666 a specific duty was charged on coal, this continuing to finance public works until the duty lapsed in 1889. The duties originally applied to coal entering the port of London, but with the coming of the canals and railways the duties were extended to all coal brought to London.

The Coal tax posts marked the boundary beyond which the duties would apply, with the first post being set up on the tow path of the Grand Junction Canal in 1805. In 1861 the London district was redefined and the Coal tax posts erected on the boundaries of the new area. The original number of posts was around 275-280, of which about 210 remain, some in their original positions, while others were moved elsewhere or are in museums.

There were 40 Coal tax posts set up on the London/West Kent border, as it then was, from West Wickham in the south to Crayford Ness in the north. Of these 29 remain in their original positions, as listed below. For map refs and much more see Martin Nail's website @ which has everything you need to know about the posts.
The numbers given below are those given by Martin Nail.

184   West Wickham
185   West Wickham
186   Leaves Green
187   West Kent Golf Course
188   Single Street
189   Cudham Road
190   Cudham Lane North
191   Green Street Green
193   Green Street Green
195   Orpington
196   Orpington
197   Orpington
198   Orpington
199   Goddington
200   Goddington
201   Crockenhill
202   Crockenhill
203   Crockenhill
204   Crockenhill
205   Crockenhill
206   Swanley
207   Swanley
208   North Cray
209   Coldblow
212   Dartford
213   Crayford
214   Crayford
216   Dartford
217   Crayford Ness

Photos from

Post 187. West Kent Golf Club. Type 2d. Cast iron.
201. Crockenhill, West side of Dalton Road. Type 2d.
206. By rail line, Swanley. Type 4b, stone obelisk.
209. Outside No. 1 Dartford Road, Coldblow. Type 2. Cast iron.


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