News: The modern name of Kent is derived from the Brythonic word kantos meaning "rim" or "border", or possibly from a homonymous word kanto "horn, hook"
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Author Topic: Looting After Air Raids 1914-18  (Read 1043 times)

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Looting After Air Raids 1914-18
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There were at least two instances in Kent.

After a heavy raid on Ramsgate on the night of 16/17th June 1917 ( the police and specials were called out to patrol streets after pilfering took place from local shops.

The most serious incident took place just after the heavy daylight raid on Folkestone on the 25th May 1917 ( in which 61 people were killed when a German bomb landed at Stokes Bros greengrocers in Tontine Street. A silversmiths shop at No. 74 Tontine Street was looted. The owner, Mr Francis J Reich, was injured in the raid.

Extract from taped interview with Ada May Kyle, a schoolgirl at the time of the raid. IWM. Slightly edited. Click on link to hear tape, the looting section is from 7 mins. 30.

   We went down Hyde Street into Tontine St and Stokes was on this side of the road and we came down here and there's a pub there. We crossed over there and we came up this side of Tontine St, and all bricks falling around and people screaming and rushing and tearing about, and up this end here you come into Dover Road here (.....) There was a jewellers called Reich (....) and my mother was dragging us along and there was women and men fighting and kicking and there was pulling things out of the window. I must have witnessed the first looting. (......) They were taking out trays of rings you see, and the police were coming, so my mother said come along, come along, they're only helping the man to put things back. You see, my mother wouldn't say anything nasty, she was a nice woman, she wouldn't turn around and say, they are stealing or anything like that, they're only helping the man to put his things back.
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