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Author Topic: kent anti-aircraft batteries  (Read 46052 times)

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Re: kent anti-aircraft batteries
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2009, 20:06:29 »
There were 28 A.A. sites in Thames & Medway South listed in 1940.

S1 Scrapsgate, Isle of Sheppey 3" site (gun holdfasts still exist on farmland).
S2 Iwade 5.25" (site is now a banger racing track and no permission for visits have been allowed).
S3 Wetham Green, Upchurch, 4.5" (Very private, no visits have been granted in recent years).
S4 Rainham, 3.7" (all destroyed).
S5 Twydall, 3.7" (all destroyed).
S6 Gibralter Farm, 4.5" (now a garden centre, all destroyed).
S7 Fort Borstal, 4.5" (still in place, but private).
S8 Tower Hill, 3.7" (on MOD land, not sure of status).
S9 Oak Street 4.5" (not sure of status).
S10 Fenn St, 3.7" (now destroyed, minor parts left).
S11 Grain - (now destroyed).
S12 AllHallows - (now destroyed).
S13 Cooling - (now destroyed).
S14 Lower Hope - (now destroyed).
S15 Cobham 4.5" (all there).
S16 Denton 4.5" (all destroyed).
S17 Northumberland Bottom 3.7" (all destroyed).
S18 Green St Green 3.7" (still there).
S19 Sutton at Home - (not sure of status).
S20 Dartford By-Pass (all destroyed).
S21 Bell Farm Sheppey 3.7/5.25" (all now destroyed or buried).
S22 Whitehall Farm - (now destroyed)
S23 Decoy Farm - (unsure of status).
S24 Burham 4.5" (some still exitst)
S25 West Malling 3" (not sure of status)
S26 Harp Farm - (not sure of status)
A Wattisham 3" (not sure of status)
B Wattisham 3" (not sure of status).

Hope this helps, a bit.

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Re: kent anti-aircraft batteries
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2009, 19:43:27 »
Heavy AA batteries. SouthEast.  1940.
D1 Fathingloe battery.Dover: Four 3.7in
D2 Swingate battery. Dover:  Four 3.7in (later5.25in)
D3 Frith Farm battery. Dover: four 3.7in (later 5.25in)
D4 St.Radigunds battery. Dover: Four 3.7in.
D5 Dover harbour battery: Two 3in. (Built during WW1 and also used in WW2)
D6 Hawkshill Down. Walmer
D7 Sandown Castle. Deal.
D8 Chalksole Farm, Margate.
D9 Ozengell Grange. Ramsgate.
D10 Cleve Court. Manston
D11 Hope Farm. Capel.
D12 Ridge Row. Densole.
D13 Copt Point. Folkestone.
D14 Coolinge. Folkestone.
D15 Pedlinge Court. Hythe.
D16 Arpinge Farm. West of Hawkinge.

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Re: kent anti-aircraft batteries
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2009, 15:11:46 »
Have you tried this Ferret ;D

Works with GE.
Maybe it's big horse I'm a Londoner. :{


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kent anti-aircraft batteries
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2009, 15:00:25 »
hi guys, im trying to find some info on some aa batteries in kent. i've made a list of some i've visted and if anyone can add to it that'll be great :)

Slade green/ erith marshes -   great site and quite well preserved
Cobham -  another good one if a bit overgrown
Northumberland bottom, gravesend - victim of channel tunnel rail link, emplacements buried by spoil
bromptom farm rd, strood - a few remains, site of the kid's playbarn centre
iwade - never been there but meant to be quite good
upchurch- again ive only viewed from outside
fenn st - housing estate  but the battery command post survives in the orchard next to it
allhallows - school built on most of it, little remains
Burham - battery command post survives, emplacements buried under earth
Green st green, dartford- well preserved, used as stables/ riding school
fort borstal - never been in there but emplacements survive
farthingloe dover - another good site, if you dont mind a walk!

thats about as much as i know of, theres a couple on sheppey too is'nt there?
 feel free to add to this :)


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