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Hi Trikeman,

That is Grain Dummy Battery, there is a thread on the forum about it I believe!

Hi Kyn
Just north of where you took the photos is what looks like an old gun emplacement with some sort of moat in front of it - any info?

Some of the remains here:

My website about RNAS Grain, my uncle and the raid on Tondern has changed addresses this morning. The old link still works but all future additions to it will be found at the following address:


Thanks to everyone who reads this forum for their interest in my site, I do get a lot of visits via this forum and it's nice to see people so interested in their local history.

Thank you, Far Away, that's kind of you to say so.

I have just come across the picture linked below which is wonderful! It's a 1918 aerial photo of the Officers Quarters (now known as Coastguard Cottages and still lived in). Some people might find this one really interesting to match up to what exists there now.



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