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Far away:
Fabulous site you have put together there, williamc, and not just your average aircraft pictures  :)

Hi all, my first visit here so apologies in advance if I do anything dastardly (perhaps including awakening a 3 month old thread!)

I came across this forum & thread while doing some research of my own into what went on at the Grain aerodrome and thought that some of you may find what I have rather interesting. My great uncle spent some time at Grain in early 1918 as a pilot with the RNAS. He was attached to HMS Furious and was at Grain taking part in the deck landing trials on the aerodrome and kept a rather wonderful photograph album which I now have. I have actually published a lot of his pictures on a website, the vast bulk of these shots having been taken at Grain and Port Victoria.

If you're interested then you can have a look at it via the following link. I'm not advertising here, I don't make any money from this site, it's a purely personal interest which has actually generated a lot of interest from aviation historians the world over. I trust that you find it interesting too!

In the process of what I've been up to I keep coming up with more questions about the area of the aerodrome which I will post in a separate thread when I've collated them.


I have had a researcher for Channel 4 (or 5) call me today asking if it was possible to be put in touch with anyone, or their relatives, who worked or was involved ar RNAS Grain.

I said I would ask around and the Forum seemed to be the obvious and best place to begin.


In the latest (May) 'Aeroplane' magazine there is a long article about aircraft carried aloft by airship or balloon. The first experiment was carried out at Kingsnorth in 1915 & 1916. There was an early tragic accident when a BE2 parted from its balloon and fell inverted. One man fell into the Medway and drowned and the other died when the aircraft crashed in Strood station yard.

Hi Riding With The Angels. If you look at the overhead photo above, the outline and shadow of the boat look different from the photo of HMS Slinger in the clydesite link. I suspect there were a number of boats and tenders at Grain to assist in ditching trials, assist floatplanes and flying boats and commute to Sheerness.


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