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Author Topic: The sheppey incident ??? Did an aircraft fly over in 1912?  (Read 3828 times)

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Re: The sheppey incident ??? Did an aircraft fly over in 1912?
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"Churchill reported to Commons on the results: he could not say whether it was an airship or an aeroplane, nor could he identify its nationality; he could only say that it was "not one of our own airships".But that was only what Churchill felt it prudent to say in public. Privately, in a meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defence, he said that "there was very little doubt that the airship reported recently to have passed over Sheerness was a German vessel".In fact, this was of course was implicit in Joynson-Hicks?s use of the word "Zeppelin". In its giant Zeppelins, Germany had the means to carry out such a long-distance flight. And due to the Anglo-German antagonism, it presumably had the motive. Airminded nationalists in Germany thought that a big fleet of Zeppelins was just the thing to counter British naval superiority, so it seemed plausible - to airminded nationalists in Britain, at least - that the Germans might want to practice flying to a British naval base and back."

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