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I shall have to look out for that book Karlostg, the info contained there seems to be just what I need.PS..I luv a pint but it doesn't luv me  :) As regards the Shepherd neame type bottle, yes it looks like it could contain Spitfire but the lip of this Crown cork bottle is early and as I said before this type of beer bottle was made in two parts whereas the modern ones are made one piece in a mould.This Wastall bottle dates to the first decade of the 1900's roughly.  seafordpete you may have answered a question about a bottle of mine.I have wondered if my Temperance beer was from Fremlins or a sperate company but from what you say they could have been one and the same! This bottle is the only one I have ever seen from this maidstone brewery..unless someone knows otherwise of course..

From the book "The Brewing industry: a guide to historical records By Lesley Richmond, Alison Turton"

Chatham Brewery, High Street, Chatham, Kent
History: The Best family were in business as brewers in Chatham, Kent, from at least the time of Thomas Best's death in 1666, although it was probably Thomas's son who converted some small tenements in Chatham High Street into a brewhouse. The business expanded during the eighteenth century, especially during the lifetime of James Best, senior, and numerous public houses were acquired in Chatham and district. The Best family gave up personal interest in the business in 1851 when the brewery was leased to Edward Wineh. The lease was renewed several times and the brewery was finally sold to Edward Winch & Sons in 1894. Edward Winch & Sons Ltd was registered in 1891 as a limited liability company to acquire the business. The company merged in 1899 wth AF Style & Co, Medway Brewery, Maidstone, Kent, to form Style & Winch Ltd, and the Chatham Brewery closed.

Medway Brewery, St Peter's Street, Maidstone, Kent
History: William Baldwin built the Medway Brewery, Maidstone, Kent, in 1806.
John Holme subsequently joined the partnership which traded during the 1850s as Baldwin & Holmes and during the 186os as Holmes & Style. The firm was known as A F Style & Co from 1880. Style & Winch Ltd was registered in March 1899 as a limited liability company to acquire and amalgamate the businesses of A F Style & Co and E Winch & Sons Ltd, Chatham Brewery, Chatham, Kent (est.c:.I666), at a purchase price of ?1,020,640. The Chatham Brewery closed in 1899, all brewing being concentrated at Maidstone. The company took over Henry Simmons, Style Place Brewery, Hadlow, Kent, and H & 0 Vallance, The Brewery, Sittingbourne, Kent, in 1905; Tooting Brewery in 1907; Ashford Breweries Ltd, Lion Brewery, Ashford, Kent, in 1912; Woodhams & Co Ltd, Rochester Steam Brewery, Rochester, Kent, in 1918; E Finn & Co Ltd, Pale Ale Brewery, Lydd, Kent, in 1921; Royal Brewery (Brentford) Ltd, Royal Brewery, Brentford, .Middlesex, in 1922; and Danford Brewery Co Ltd, Danford, Kent, in 1924. The company was acquired, along with 600 licensed houses, by Barclay, Perkins & Co Ltd, London, in 1929. "


--- Quote from: sheppey_bottles on November 12, 2009, 14:11:49 ---I am not a great drinker myself but I do appreciate a good micro brewery type beer ( real ale), just the sound of 'Gravesend Shrimpers' sounds like it should taste nice.
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I am a drinker, and it is a very good beer!

This may sound like an anoraky thing to say but the design of the first bottle in the picture is very similar to the ones Shepherd Neame use now.


--- Quote from: sheppey_bottles on November 12, 2009, 14:11:49 ---I. Now Whitbread..what a company and still going strong after all these years,

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Whitbread only have Brewers Fayre, Travel Inns now. All the brewing was sold off any beer with that name is produced by Inbev. Great bottles, something about the embossed that gave them class. The flagons were phased out about 1974 when I was on a Bottling course at Bell Bry  Tottenham. The stoppers were still  put in by hand, the women wore a glove thing called a "flogger" that had a grip for the stopper in ( bit like a sailmakers palm) . Seeing the Style & Winck jug and pot trademark I wonder what happened to the weather vane at Maidstone bry that was that design?
Other excellent books on brewing History are " Red Barrel"  which is the story of Watney from about the same period as Whitbread and "70 Rolling Years" by Sidney Neville who started as a pupil brewer in Brighton about 1890, became head of the liquor board of control in WW1 and was eventually a finance director at Whitbread until about 1965.
Seeing your "hop  ale" reminds me that the bottom yard at Fremlins  with a gate onto Fairmeadow/Earl St junction was known as the NTA yard from when there was a National Temperance Ale brewery there. When I started there in 1970 the Blacksmith/farrier  still had a forge there.

I am not a great drinker myself but I do appreciate a good micro brewery type beer ( real ale), just the sound of 'Gravesend Shrimpers' sounds like it should taste nice. Now Whitbread..what a company and still going strong after all these years, so so many smaller companies merged and were taken over to get the company to the position it is in today, what a history that company has. A good book about Whitbreads is called 'An uncommon brewer' by Berry Ritchie it traces the story from 1742 up till 1992 ans should not be too difficult to find. I know the books you refered to earlier Seafordpete, I have one from the run called 'The brewers art' and are part of the Whitbread library series..they cost Five Shillings NET each !! As regards the trademarks I was speaking of earlier please see below a picture of some old bottles with embossed pictorial marks.
They are from left to right..Wastall of ramsgate, Truman of London, East Kent Brewery Sandwich, Style and Winch of Maidstone, Whitbread of London, Arkcoll of Chatham and Merrett of Rochester. The last being a mineral water company that sold Hop Ale and non intoxicating brews amongst others. All the bottles were mould blown and have a lip that was applied as a seperate item after the screw thread was formed and the metal was still molten..ish.The three sizes are Quart (2 Pint), Pint and Half Pint.


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