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Author Topic: Startrite Works, Gillingham  (Read 9642 times)

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Startrite Works, Gillingham
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2008, 13:03:57 »
I contacted someone from Startrite when I found the photo's here is the reply :

Sorry for the delay in answering you. I myself worked there when Len
did and have been assotiated with startrite for a long time.
A VERY SHORT HISTORY some of this you will already know I am sure
From the time Startrite went public they were always open to a take over bid
and sure enough they were taken over by the 600 group. Eventualy 600 group
sold the company on to a management buy out,
I cant think off hand of the mans name but he had been the designer there.
The company moved to Rochester and in about 1 year this financial genius
managed to turn 1000000 profit in to a very good loss and the company
went into receivership. The company was then bought by the record tools
group in Sheffield. The company was run as a separate company the machined
parts being made at Sheffield and the fabrication, painting and assembly done
at Rochester. By this time the company was only making metal cutting
machines and a few wood bandsaws. The USA market had been a very large
part of the business but with a very week dollar at that time the business
shrunk a lot and the company struggled to be competitive against imports.
After about 6 years Record was bought by American tools and continued to
trade with this group in much the same way, but started to revive its
woodworking business which had been what the company started with.
American tools was then bought out by a company called
newell rubbermade, a large American company who own parker pens, grako, tiny
tykes, kersh curtain rails among others. This company decided that both
startrite and record power (not the hand tools because that is what they
bought it for) did not interest them and wanted to close both companies. It
was then that myself and two others negotiated a management by out, 4 years
ago now and are running the company to this day. The startrite name is still
well thought of and we only put the name on our industrial machine which all
come from Europe. We only do woodworking machines now as metalworking is
shrinking by the day in the uk. It is not possible to now make competitively
priced machines in the uk, sad but true.
Hope this helps
Phil meyers
There is virtually no industry left in Medway now WH Overtons occupied the site next door to the old Startrite's until the closed down last year
This factory is now occupied by Jubilee Clips who moved from their other sites (Gillingham Business Park ,Canterbury street ,Jezreels works and Mill road )
One of my mates works for them so I know a little about it



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Startrite Works, Gillingham
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2008, 22:52:48 »
New here so this is my first attempt at posting pictures....
Lets see how it goes..

Its got me !
I have a bunch of JPG's how do I insert them in a message ?


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