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Author Topic: Deeds - Fountain Cottage, Marine Parade - Delamark Banks interest  (Read 26795 times)

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Re: deeds fountain cottage marine parade- delamark banks interest
« Reply #8 on: May 07, 2010, 10:21:28 »
well done martin H...definately the best photos ive seen of fountain cottage, the 2nd photo is truely fantastic and must date c1860 prior to the upgrade in 1878, exeptional early social photo for this pleased you have it safe..........there was an old lady living there in the 1980s called cook or cookney as i used to take her meals on wheels her door was in the side alley (gated) between Redan & fountain, it leads into her kitchen, the inside was tiny her kitchen was basically half under the pavement at the back, and as the extension to fountain cottage was also the side fasade we see today..some of her rooms were internal with no windows, she called them the snugs,

for any folks not familar with fountain cottage this really early photo below shows fountain cottage as in your last photo martin H before the house door was added to the side and you can see the arches and pillars where the murial was painted, there was no house where the snooker club is at this date and i guess folks strolling the prom saw it as a sweet little tourist attraction

What was the murial of ? there appears to be a guy in a top hat and the builder is possing infront of it quite proudly, surely he didnt commision a murial just of himself, perhaps the murial showed Banks and their building achievements ? anyone know more about the subject of the murial i would love to hear from you

this view must have been as delamark banks knew it in his it


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Re: deeds fountain cottage marine parade- delamark banks interest
« Reply #7 on: May 07, 2010, 10:17:12 »

Fascinating deeds and photos -  here is the 81 census:

Redan Place,  Minster in Sheppey Census 1881:
Film 134 1232 RG11 0979 / 105/ p.43:
Daniel COURT  head  Unmarried   46  Grocer, retired  born Sheerness
John  COURT   brother Unmarried   62  Surveyor  b. Sheerness
Sarah A. HARBEN  cousin Unmarried  female  47  Housekeeper (Dom)  b. Kingston, Surrey

All are mentioned on the deeds

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Two of my photos showing how much the trees have grown and the air raid shelter still in situ.


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I think this looks like the large garden that ran along the back of the other houses in Redan Place that you could look down on from Neptune Terrace.  I can't imagine a garden that size anywhere else along that part as it is quite high.

Thanks for that, I think they are great photos.

Martin H

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I will look through my records, When I was a lad, I knew a man called Mr Cookney who lived in Fountain Cottage, he was very old and was the fourth generation to live there, he had no children so left me his papers. I have a picture of the fountain somewere and of the Post Office that was run by a J Lingham and also a card addresed to Mr D Court in 1877. I also rememder stuff about Bath Cottage at the end of Neptune Terrace. I have had a quick look in my files and now realise that Mr Cookney was decended from the Court family that are mentioned on the deed, so have scanned some pics that you will like.

The caption he gave me for this is Mrs Cookney, Fountains Cottage, probably his mother or grandmother? Do not know the man`s name.

The caption for this one is No 5 Redan Place (Fountains Cottage) before alterations. Painting on wall is John Court (builder) seated is Daniel Court and standing is his brother John Court. The photo is from around 1880? I think he told me his gradfather and great grandfather are here but I do not know if he ment John or Daniel. He told me old Mr Court was a Civil Engineer and built the Flushing Pier and so could have worked for the Banks Family. Mr Cookney was in his 80's when I knew him in the 70's so would have been born in the 1890's. I will see what else I can find.


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Upon reflection, (and talking about it with my husband) I think I was getting confused by Neptune Terrace.  I'd completely forgotten about the houses below the Terrace, which is where Redan Place etc. was.  I can't picture it at the moment, but next time I go down into the town, I'll try and have another look, as I am not sure whether there was another house after No.5 Redan Place. 

From memory, I suppose it could be where the building is at the end of Neptune Terrace that was a snooker hall at one time, and it had the large garden that ran the length of Redan Place.  It certainly followed No. 5 Redan Place on the 1901 Street Directory.


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That's interesting reading!

Regarding Aurora Villa, I looked at the 1901 Street Directory, and this is how it would appear to lie.

On left from the Broadway, (steps to the promenade), Redan Terrace, 1 (sub post office), 2, 3, 4, 5. Then Aurora Villa, (Joseph William Shrubsall). Then steps to the promenade.......then Rock Cottage and Rock Cottages. So it does appear that it would have been where the Amusement Arcade is now.



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Deeds - Fountain Cottage, Marine Parade - Delamark Banks interest
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 17:30:55 »
original old deeds to Rredan place, Fountain Cottage, Marine Parade & Aurora Villas, 1922. From my collection of STUFF.

Cottages still there in front of K's casino opposit Berridge Rd. Redan Terrace still has plaque as does Fountain Cottage, not sure where Aurora Villas were (are), possiblly now the snooker club building.

Schedule gives first owner in 1833 as Delamark Banks (they must have been new then).
Delamark bought them (from the builder?) and appears to have handed them onto his nephew, Edward Richard Rupert George Banks in 1855.

The seller in 1922 is of interest, Walter John Filer, gives his address at the time in Hampshire living in a house called "Shurland" in Maxwell Road, Bournemouth, occupation Gentleman. He might have had more Island connections, Filer Rd, Halfway maybe.


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