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Author Topic: Strood Creeks - Jane's, Temple, Pelican..... more.....? Past & Future  (Read 33995 times)

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Does anyone have any memories or photos of the various creeks in Strood in their heyday? I'd love to see how they were used for shipping and trade for the riverside industries.
Jane's Creek is obviously still there.... I know this place often looks grim, but since it was cleaned of all the rubbish a few years back, it can look quite nice at certain times of the day. I quite like the fact that the side opposite the Civic Centre carpark is so delapidated and overgrown. You can see its history from the old wooden walls, but nature has reclaimed them. I've always kinda hoped someone would clear
it of the silt, which would improve the look - but I guess there is alot of wildlife in there that enjoys the mud. I think it originally ran further into Strood.
Pelican Creek ran off of this Creek, where B&Q carpark is. Temple Creek ran up Priory Road (I think). You can still see it's entrance if you look behind Morrison's Petrol Station. You can also see it clearly from the Medway Valley trainline from Strood to Maidstone.
There were various little wharfs running along the riverbank to the Thames Canal entrance too. I'd like to see pics of the Watermill too if anyone has any.... Does anyone know what the Watermill did? I know how it worked, I was just wondering what it produced?
One last thing.
With the demolition of the Civic Centre, the area by the bridge is obviously ripe for redevelopment - I fear for the future of Jane's Creek - anyone know the plans for it? Will it be retained?
I hope so......


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