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Author Topic: #5 Home Guard anti-aircraft Regt (z battery)  (Read 5516 times)

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Re: #5 Home Guard anti-aircraft Regt (z battery)
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Re: #5 Home Guard anti-aircraft Regt (z battery)
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Thanks for this. My Grandad was one of the Home Guard drafted into Z battery from Wigmore Home Guard in 42. He was a Sergeant. Unfortunately I don't know much more than this but am keen to find photographs of the battery if they exist.



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#5 Home Guard anti-aircraft Regt (z battery)
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Weapon, 'Projector, Rocket, 3-inch.'

101st Kent Home Guard 'z' battery.
Regular Battery Commander RA        Major M.W. Williams, RA
Home Guard Battery Commander      Major P.T. Rogers
Administrative Officer RA                   Capt E. Trestrail, RA
Formed Gillingham 14 July 1942. as 178 'z' Battery.
40 Home Guard were trained by the regular RA and by 11th Nov '42 were fully trained. The Battery was then brought up to strength to 1444 Officers and men.
The equipment consisted of 64 'Projector, Rocket, 3-inch, no.2, Mk. 1' each firing 2 rockets.
The first HQ was in Beatty avenue.
From the 11th Nov '42 to 1st Nov '44 the battery was on alert for 234 alarms and fired 14 times in anger.

102nd Kent Home Guard 'A' Battery.
Regular Battery Commanders RA       Major R. Goodwin, RA
                                                          Major R. Bushmen, RA
                                                          Major W.H. Venner, RA
Formed Lodge Hill nr Rochester, 1st Jan 1943 with c 450 men from the 14th Battalion KHG. On 1st May '43 the battery was increased by c 400 men from the
13th Bn KHG.
The battery became operational on 1st June 1943.
The first time the battery fired in anger was on 22nd Oct '43. The battery fired in anger on 10 occasions.

Originally the 2 batteries were part of the 12th (m) 'z' AA Regt.
In Sep '43 control passed to HQ 28 AA Brigade.
In June '44 the 2 batteries became 5th Regiment AA Home Guard.
Each battery comprised of a regular contingent of the RA to train, advise and be responsible for operations against enemy aircraft.
Normally the unit would arrive on site at 8pm, training and lectures took place, unless called out on alert, they slept in nissen huts or requisitioned property. The HG left the site at 6.15am.
Each battery was divided into 8 'reliefs' so each member served 1 night in 8. Each 'relief' was commanded by an HG Captain.
Main source Kent Home Guard, a history by K R Gulvin.

2 good accounts of the AA rocket can be found @


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