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Author Topic: Banks Town, Sheerness  (Read 3548 times)

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Banks Town, Sheerness
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I reckon this guy had a crystal ball

November 1863

To the editor of the "Sheerness Guardian"
Sir,  ---- I wish to call your attention, and through you that of the street or lighting committee, to one spot in particular where a street light is very much wanted. I refer to the Crescent, Banks Town. Now that Marine Town has become so important a neighbourhood, Edward Street has become a much used thoroughfare, and the horse traffic very considerable. The turning from Edward-street into High-street is a very wide one, crossed by a header pavement of considerable length. If drivers would always turn the corner carefully there would be ample room for doing so with safety for foot passengers. Unfortunately this is not the case, and a person crossing the header pavement and seeing a butcher or bakers boy driving recklessly up Edward-street, is often quite uncertain whether he is about to turn up or down the street. Hence the danger, especially to females or young children. What I propose is a paved resting place in the middle of the footway across the Crescent and in the centre of this a street lamp. This would entirely obviate the existing danger, and be no obstruction whatever to the horse traffic.
Others may say, Has an accident ever thus occurred at that spot? I reply, Perhaps not, but it may occur tomorrow, and then it will be said what a pity nothing was done before. I think it would be wise to do the thing before someone is killed or injured; a very small expense would cover the work required. When times improve and the town has more money to spare, we may then perhaps afford to remove the street lamp and put up instead an illuminated clock, which would be a great boon to the public; and possibly we might add a drinking fountain when the water is to be had, and that would be a great boon also
                                I am Sir yours,
                                                   A PEDESTRIAN.

   The Guardian printed an addition to this letter which stated that "by a remarkable coincidence an accident of the nature thus predicted did actually occur late in the evening, a boy being then run over by a cab in the Crescent, Banks Town."
Remember the letter had been written in November 1863!
It's a pity this guy withheld his name because he showed amazing forethought, not only did he predict the accident but he also suggested the island in the middle of the road and he thought of the street lamp in the middle of it. Both these things happened but not until towards the turn of the century. Whether they included the water fountain idea as well I don't know. Judging by the letter piped water wasn't even available in the area at that time. But then to cap it all he suggested the illuminated clock which wasn't installed until 1902.
By the way the council wanted to install a public toilet instead of the clock.  


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