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 That is a lovely selection of local bottles you are uncovering there CAT and as you say a couple of them are not on my list, the reason for this is that they are Codd bottles rather than green/black beer type bottles, which is what my collection/list consists of. The Jackson bottle you have are really nice as they normally have an embossed pictorial image of Milton the poet to the front and come in two sizes. I think I still have an Argles and Stonham Hamilton bottle which, if my memory serves me correctly, has the writing in Italic type script on the bottle.. but I could easily be wrong!. The company is mentioned in Mark Reeds book 'Kent bottles' and they were at 70-71 Bank Street, Maidstone between 1860 and 1887, originally as a Chemists as you say. Your Seal mineral water bottle is from the company of William James Bryant 1870-1895, they were originally trading as Lamp oil and Coal merchants. This info from the above book. Good luck with the bottle finding and I am pleased you put up a post about what you have found so far. All the best, SB.

PS... Sorry I am a bit late with a reply, family matters have been very hectic recently. 

Hi sheppey_bottles!
I've been an avid reader of KHF for some time, especially the discussion about yours, and others, collections, myself being a former bottle digger. In light of my former hobby, I still can't turn away from picking up a lost stray bottle today. Having just been working to the rear of a former pub in Borough Green, l recovered a few bottles some of which are not included on your list, which I assume includes mineral waters as well as beer bottles?
These consist of two (one larger than the other with one dark and one light green) of FREDk LENEY & SONS, PHOENIX BREWERY, WATERINGBURY. The smaller having W P 1911 on the base. One dark green bottle of ISHERWOOD MAIDSTONE, all three of the above I assume are beer bottles?
Of mineral bottles there are two of DTJ LYLE & SONS, both with the shield trade mark and with LYLE on the base. One of these has 'This bottle is the property of DTJ LYLE. To be returned when empty'. A Codd bottle of SEAL MINERAL WATERWORKS SEVENOAKS around an oval trade mark with SEAL KENT around B&S and a standard bottle of the PRIORY MINERAL WATER CO LTD MAIDSTONE and R WHITE with R WHITE REGD cross its base. Two bottles that are not on your list are Codd bottles of J BURGESS HADLOW with a purity shield trademark and another Codd marked with 'This bottle lent by JACKSON MILTON SITTINGBOURNE', 'Codds patent 4 sole makers Codd &  Ryland Barnsley'. The most interesting bottle is a 'torpedo' type bottle of ARGLES SON & STONHAM BANK STREET MAIDSTONE GENUINE AERATED WATERS. Though there is a little about the formation of the company as a pharmacy on line, very little seems to be known about their aerated waters? Can you help?
Lastly, numerous bottles of HD RAWLINGS were recovered, but only one had 'by appointment to the King and Prince of Wales' on it. Not a Kent bottle, but clearly a popular brand?
I may still have more in my cellar, but am not quite ready to venture in yet.
A lot to take in, but I would be interested in any comments and info.

Many thanks.

A number of my old bottles have come from similair situations, Divers or trawled up from the sea bed. The Priory Mineral Water Co are quite well known amongst local bottle collectors and were based  at 21 Knightrider Street in Maidstone between 1903 and 1918. Bottles used by the company are embossed glass Codd bottles such as yours in two sizes along with other glass types in clear and coloured glass, they also used stoneware Ginger beer bottles as well. Thanks for showing your bottle on here, a picture speaks a thousand words, and I am sure others will find this very interesting to see. All the best and thanks, SB :)

PS.. Details on the Priory Mineral Co taken from the book, Kent Bottles, by Mark Reed and published by SAWD Books. ISBN: 1-872489-18-4 

sheppey_bottles I hope you find this of interest.

In 2013 I visited (from Australia) an old mate whom I spent my teenage years with in Strood.  He now lives in Wales and we had not met for some 30 years.  Being a keen scuba diver he was enthusiastic to show me what he had found whilst diving in the River Medway, adjacent to Aylesford Priory some years ago.  The glass bottle moulding reads "The Priory Mineral Water Co Ltd" and there was also the glass ball inside.

A new Pint beer bottle to add to the list of bottles I have collected..

Style,  Maidstone.   

Note, Style of Maidstone joined Winch of Chatham and became Style and Winch of Maidstone.


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