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A number of my old bottles have come from similair situations, Divers or trawled up from the sea bed. The Priory Mineral Water Co are quite well known amongst local bottle collectors and were based  at 21 Knightrider Street in Maidstone between 1903 and 1918. Bottles used by the company are embossed glass Codd bottles such as yours in two sizes along with other glass types in clear and coloured glass, they also used stoneware Ginger beer bottles as well. Thanks for showing your bottle on here, a picture speaks a thousand words, and I am sure others will find this very interesting to see. All the best and thanks, SB :)

PS.. Details on the Priory Mineral Co taken from the book, Kent Bottles, by Mark Reed and published by SAWD Books. ISBN: 1-872489-18-4 

sheppey_bottles I hope you find this of interest.

In 2013 I visited (from Australia) an old mate whom I spent my teenage years with in Strood.  He now lives in Wales and we had not met for some 30 years.  Being a keen scuba diver he was enthusiastic to show me what he had found whilst diving in the River Medway, adjacent to Aylesford Priory some years ago.  The glass bottle moulding reads "The Priory Mineral Water Co Ltd" and there was also the glass ball inside.

A new Pint beer bottle to add to the list of bottles I have collected..

Style,  Maidstone.   

Note, Style of Maidstone joined Winch of Chatham and became Style and Winch of Maidstone.

A few new bottles to add to my list, they do not come along very often now.

H.G. Birch, Folkestone.

T. Cook & Son Co, Dover and Folkestone.

Philpott, Ramsgate, two new dated bottles 1903, 1905.

D T J Lyle of Strood. I have a ginger beer embossed bottle which has never been opened and still has ginger beer in it. My mum and uncle both worked for Lyles at Strood in the 50s.


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