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Author Topic: Cat's Restaurant Deal.  (Read 3983 times)

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Re: Cat's Restaurant Deal.
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2013, 17:33:59 »
Detmold, not only are you 2 years older since you posted this article but you have bought back a memory of good times so thank you for that.
During the 60's my mate Bob Prosser ex 'Royal' tried to introduce me to the 'delights' of  fishing, but failed miserably. However there were really good nights spent in Deal in search of something edible from the sea. We would leave Rochester in time to pick up our lug from the tackle shop which closed at 6pm. This having been collected we would then drive to the Swingate? public house and spend a pleasant few hours drinking Charringtons Special Mild. I can still taste it! About ten we would return to Deal and go to Catts fish and chip shop where we would purchase four helpings! Two each. Liberally coating them in salt we would retire to the car and sit in the warmth of the vehicle munching away and wiping our fingers on the upholstery. There is nothing better and there is nowhere better than Catts, unless of course you are in Hastings but thats another County!Having devoured with great relish these treats the misery (to me) of fishing would begin. Striding on to the pier like the professionals we werent, Bob would ask all and sundry; 'What was running' which I think meant how's the fishing and what sort of fish? Bob would select a spot and hand me my rod which I would load up with worms and try desperately to cast into the waters; failing miserably each time. He would get irate and sod off which left me to my own devices which meant hanging the line over the side of the pier and letting it unwind!
No, I never caught anything, luckily for the fishes. At about two o clock in the morning the fiasco would be called off and we would flee for the safety of my van. One particular night we were so pi***d off that on the way home I spotted a field of onions and to save the ignomy of going home empty handed I stopped the van and we scurried into the field to extract a few onions for a stew!! we chucked them in the back and fled. At Wingham, bearing in mind it is now about three o clock in the morning, a figure stepped out into the road with his hand raised to stop us. My past life flashed before me and premonitions of a Christmas in Jail seemed to be on the cards.
'Bless my soul' said Bob, or words to that effect, 'I do believe its a policeman.' He was always a harbinger of doom!
 The gentleman luckily was not the police but the milkman who was attempting to get to Canterbury, pick up his float and start his round. Still dubious I said to him; 'you will have to be very careful where you sit in the back as we have some very special gear in there' and I watched as he clambered in and sat on the rug which Bob had thrown over the onions. Had we realised how much it stunk of onions we wouldnt have bothered. I dont think he was taken in though.
We dined on onions for a very long time that year, but fishing remains a miserable pastime to me. Now drinking....that's another story.

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Re: Cat's Restaurant Deal.
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2011, 17:31:10 »
Yes, Detmold, remember it well. Catt is a local family who built the restaurant on a bombed site (a pub, I think) and was the main eating place for most of Deal who wanted a basic pie and mash type meal. Very good and very reasonable. Like anything popular, tastes change and business declined and the building was occupied by a succession of businesses - at the moment Barnardos, amongst others.


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Cat's Restaurant Deal.
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2010, 16:56:54 »
As a child holidaying in Deal every summer in the 70s, it was always a certainty we would as a family eat at Cat's Restaurant in Deal. Located on Queen Street nr the Library. I fondly remember the mince pie with gravy.

Anyone remember this restaurant or perhaps some history


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