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Author Topic: Church of St Thomas Becket, Capel  (Read 3475 times)

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Re: Church of St Thomas Becket, Capel
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The church of St. Thomas Becket, near Tunbridge, was never a parish church, but a chapel of ease in the parish of Tudeley. When pilgramages to Becket's Shrine at Canterbury developed, the church was rededicated to him. Although it's 10 miles south of the 'Pilgrims Way', it stood near the well trodden pilgrimage route from Chichester to Canterbury. The tower stands 37 feet, crowned by a pyramid roof. In 1637 it was struck by lightning, fire destroyed some of the tower and part of the Nave. It was rebuilt using old materials a few years later.

Inside, on the North wall, are the remains of mediaeval wall paintings, some dating from about 1200, and others dating from about 50 years later. They were hidden from view for centuries under plaster. Evidence of their existance first came to light in 1868, then in 1927 they were uncovered by Professor E W Tristram. In 1970 they were conserved by Mrs Eve Baker and Mr John Dives. The wall paintings were used as a visual aid to teach the Christian faith to oridinary people who couldn't read or write.


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Church of St Thomas Becket, Capel
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