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Author Topic: Dungeness East Battery.  (Read 3480 times)

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Re: Dungeness East Battery.
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2012, 13:40:08 »
Sorry, little slip-up ... this last post referred to the 5th SLI, not the 7th, which as indicated was to the left of this battalion. The 6th SLI was further along, around Dymchurch (and manned the famous miniature armoured train, and caught those 4 spies in early Sept.).
Also, upon verification the defence scheme of 45 Division was also a little later than I thought I remembered, it's dated 15 October (WO 166/536). So it's possible the DE battery was only installed in (early) October.

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Re: Dungeness East Battery.
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2012, 11:20:41 »
Operational Instruction No.15 of 7th Somerset Light Infantry of 45th Division dated 7th September 1940 who were positioned roughly between Greatstone-on-Sea and Dungeness:

2. Own Tps
(a) 134 Inf Bde on right. 7 Som L.I. on left.
(b) Under Command:
"C" Coy, 18 (Pr) Bn. R.Fus. approx 150
Detachment Home Guard approx 40
(c) In support:-
275 A.Tk. Bty R.A. (Personnel only) approx 35
374 Fd Bty. R.A. (less one tp)
one Tp 373 Fd Bty R.A.
Det. 273 A.Tk. Bty. R.A. (two 4" guns)
Sec. 338 A.A. Coy R.A.
Naval Bty (4.7" guns)


4. 5 Som L.I. and tps under comd will:-
(a) Deny the coast to the enemy.
(b) Hold LYDD as a strong point.
(c) Hold BROOKLAND as a strong point.
all positions to be held to the last man and last round.

5. F.D.Ls - the coast line.

6. Coy areas and boundaries:-
[As shown on trace]
From right to left on Coast:- "D", "B", "A", "C".
LYDD TOWN Garrison:- "HQ" Coy
"C" Coy, 18 (Pr) Bn. R.Fus.
Det. 275 A.Tk. Bty R.A.
Det. 338 S/L Coy R.A.
Det. Home Guard

BROOKLAND Garrison "B" Echelon.

7. All Coys will be responsible for dealing with parachutists
landing in their area.

13. Arty:

"D" Tp 374 Fd Bty (Old Romney) (Four 25pdrs)
Tasks - A 12 to A16 Inclusive.
"F" Tp 374 Fd Bty (Lydd) (Two 4.5 hows)
Tasks - A 22 to A 28 inclusive.
"A" Tp 373 Fd Bty (Lydd) (Four 75mm)
Tasks - A 12 to A 16 inclusive.
O.Ps established at:
House 524373
Hope and Anchor Inn
"F" Tp 374 Fd Bty:
One 18pdr Moore's Fort, Dungeness 525368.
One 18 pdr Greatstone Holiday Camp 517406.
A.Tk role only - Tasks enemy shipping.
Det 273 A.Tk Bty R.A.:
One 4" gun 524373
One 4" gun Greatstone on Sea (both guns truck-mounted, I suppose).
A.Tk role only - Tasks enemy shipping.

In the course of September reinforcements arrived in the shape of No.6 Commando (about 500 men, headquarters at Littlestone-on-Sea, with orders to defend the coastal and heavy batteries in the area) and the three 6in guns at DE, not listed for 9 Sept., also must have arrived during the course of the month because they are listed in the Defence Scheme of 45 Division for the end of Sept. As noted elsewhere on this Forum the 3rd Independent Company also arrived at Dungeness during this time frame.

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Dungeness East Battery.
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2011, 19:09:03 »
Dungeness East Battery, located not far from Dungeness West Battery.  The battery was installed by the Royal Marines MNBDO, 1940 - 41.  There were 3 x 6 inch Mk XI guns.
The Royal Artillery took over in June 1941.  There is no date for care and maintenance and removal.  The NGR is TR 09451730. for those of you who like the war grid that is 525352.  Sorry do not have the phone number at hand.  There are military buidings in the area, some of these could be part of PLUTO but some are to go with the batteries.
The war grids for the three guns are 53023511, 53053513 and 53073516.
The battery started of under the Royal Marines, then became 423, later 213 and then 340.  Regiments, RM, then 13 CA, then 551, and later 520.


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