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Author Topic: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.  (Read 35490 times)

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Re: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
« Reply #12 on: February 20, 2011, 16:35:34 »
Found this:


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Re: Air Raids Kent 1917, Sepember to December.
« Reply #11 on: February 19, 2011, 22:15:11 »
All night-time.

2-3 September, 1917, Dover,  2 defence sorties.
Two aeroplanes of unknown type dropped 14 bombs totalling 804 lb on Dover at 23.03 hrs.
A Officer of the fifth Battalion, Royal Fusiliers was killed when 3 bombs fell on the Northfall Meadow army camp, another officer and 3 men were injured.
Other bombs fell to the rear of the Maison Dieu Road Post Office. 3 bombs fell around Leyburne Road. Other bombs fell at Castlemount cottages and in the garden of the Angel inn.
1 killed, 10 injured, £3,486 damage.

3-4 September, Chatham, Sheerness, Margate, 16 defence sorties.
5 Gotha despatched, 4 attacked. Kagohl 3's first night raid on England.
The first aircraft came in over Westgate at 22.35 hrs, the main attack on Chatham beginning at 23.10 hrs.
1 bomb fell on the Drill hall at Chatham Naval barracks killing 130 men and injuring 88.
A sailor was killed in Maxwell road, and his friend and their 2 girlfriends injured. Houses in Marlborough Road, York Avenue, College Avenue and Mansion Row were damaged, as was Brompton school.
In Chatham houses in Church Terrace were destroyed and a civilian killed.
Margate and Sheerness were also bombed with little damage.
132 killed, 96 injured, £3,993 damage.
More details of the Drill hall bombing @
There is a list of the RN dead @ 3-11 September, 1917.
See also

4-5 September, London, Dover, Margate, Orfordness, 18 defence sorties.
11 Gothas despatched, 9 attacked.
The enemy crossed the coast between Orfordness and Dover 22.10-00.10 hrs. 5 aircraft reached London, the others bombing Dover, margate, Orfordness and Suffolk.
In Dover 3 people were killed.
8 people were injured in Cliftonville.
A Gotha was seen to come down at sea off Eastchurch, the aircraft never found.
19 killed, 71 injured, £46,047 damage.
For more details see

24-25 September, London, 30 defence sorties.
16 Gothas despatched, 13 attacked.
The Southern part of a 2 prong attack with Gothas attacking London and Zeppelins raiding the Midlands and the Northeast.
The Gothas crossed the English coast between Orfordness and Dover, 19.03-20.13 hrs.
3 reached London, with 6 attacking Dover, the remaining 4 scattering their bombs at Southend, Tilbury, Chatham, Sheppey and West Malling.
At Dover 48 bombs were dropped. Mrs Anne Keats was killed, her daughter later dying in hospital when a bomb fell on the back of 40 Glenfield Road.
No 75 Crabble Hill was also hit, killing Miss Ellen Kenward, her father Edward later died of his injuries, along with Miss Gould next door.
Miss Dorothy Wood died of injuries when a bomb landed in the garden of 10 Folkestone Road. Bombs also fell on the railway, the gasworks and Baldocks traction-engine works.
Little damage was caused at Southend, Sheppey or West Malling.
21 killed, 6 in Dover, 70 injured, 12 in Dover, £30,818 damage.

24-25 September, Midlands and Northeast England, 36 defence sorties.
Attack by 10 Navy Zeppelins.
Widely scattered attack hampered by strong wind and patchy cloud.
3 injured, 32,210 damage.

25-26 September, London, Thanet, Folkestone, 20 defence sorties.
15 Gothas despatched, 14 attacked.
The bombers came in between Foulness and Dover 19.00-19.45 hrs. 3 aircraft attacked London, the others attacking Thanet and Folkestone.
Many bombs fell into the sea and an attack on Dover was driven off by gunfire.
1 Gotha lost at sea.
9 killed in SE London, 23 injured, £16,394 damage.

28-29 September, London, Ipswich, Harwich, Dover, Thanet, 23 defence sorties.
25 Gothas despatched, 3 attacked.
2 Giants (Zeppelin Staaken RVl aeroplane) despatched and attacked.
Due to bad weather, many of the Gothas turned back. Bombs were dropped in the Ipswich, Harwich area. Dover and Thanet were attacked with no casualties.
Mrs Edith Owers was killed at Deal by an anti-aircraft shell.
2 bombers were lost at sea and a third crashed on landing.
1 killed,  £129 damage.

29-30 September, London, Sheppey, Faversham, 33 defence sorties.
7 Gothas despatched, 4 attacked.
3 Giants despatched and attacked.
Almost all of the casualties were in London. Sheppey and Faversham were attacked with little damage.
1 Gotha came down 2 miles off Dover at 21.40 hrs, while another was forced to land in Holland.
40 killed, 87 injured, £23,754 damage.

30 September-1 October, London, Chatham, Broadstairs, Margate, Dover, 37 defence sorties.
11 Gothas despatched, 10 attacked, + 1 single engined aeroplane.
Ther were 11 fatalities at  Margate, 5 of these were military. There was little damage at Broadstairs, Chatham and Dover.
14 killed, 36 injured, £21,482 damage.

1-2 October, London, Margate, 19 defence sorties.
18 Gothas despatched, 12 attacked.
6 aircraft bombed London between 20.00-21.00 hrs.
Bombs also fell in Essex, Suffolk and Margate, where the Victoria Convalescent home in Stone Road was set alight with no casualties.
11 killed, 42 injured, £45,570 damage.

19-20 October, Northen England, London, 78 defence sorties.
Attack by 11 Navy Zeppelins.
Due to bad weather, the Zeppelins were driven Southeast, L45 finding itself over London, where 1 of its bombs killed 33 in Piccadilly Circus.
Due to the bad weather 4 Zeppelins came down in France, one shot down by A-A fire, while another crash-landed in Germany.
36 killed, 55 injured, £54,346 damage.

29-30 October,     7 defence sorties.
3 Gothas despatched, 1 attacked. 2 chose the alternative target of Calais, while the third scattered its bombs betwwen Burnham and Southend.
No casualties or damage.

30-31 October, Dover, no defence sorties.
One or two aeroplanes dropped 7 bombs near RFC Swingatedown airfield and 4 bombs in the harbour, 04.30 hrs.
No casualties, £2 damage.

31 October-1 November, London, Kent, 50 defence sorties.
22 Gothas despatched and attacked.
Strong winds drove the aircraft North of their intended route. 10 aircraft reached London.
274 bombs were plotted, of which 207 fell in Kent, mainly on Dover, Ramsgate, Margate, Herne Bay, Gravesend and Chatham.
A Mr Tapsell was killed in bed at Canterbury Street, Gillingham, by a unexploded anti-aircraft shell.
The gasworks at Ramsgate was extensively damaged. In Dover fires were caused at the seaplane base and on board the cross-channel boat Princess Victoria.
A seaman was killed while sheltering under the pier and an officer died of a heart attack.
10 killed, 22 injured, £22,822 damage.

5-6 December London, Kent, 34 defence sorties.
19 Gothas despatched, 16 attacked.
2 Giants despatched and attacked.
6 aircraft reached London, dropping their bombs between 04.05-05.40 hrs. The majority of the rest of the bombs fell at Sheerness, Margate, Ramsgate and Dover. Three-quarters of the bomb load were incendiaries.
3 civilians and a sailor were killed in Sheerness, a women was killed in Margate, while a paint store was set alight and a store of hand grenades blown up at Connaught Barracks, Dover. One Gotha crashed at Rochford airfield, while another crashed at Sturry near Canterbury.
A third went missing at sea, while another 2 crashed on landing, with 2 more crashing in Belgium.
8 killed, 28 injured, £103,408 damage.
For more details see

18-19 December, London, Kent, 47 defence sorties.
15 Gothas despatched, 13 attacked.
1 Giant despatched and attacked.
6 Gothas and the Giant reached London.
Bombs were also dropped at Margate and the Canterbury area, as well as being scattered elsewhere.
Margate suffered 3 attacks which damaged 150 houses with only 1 injury.
One of the Gothas was shot down into the sea 3 miles off Folkestone.
14 killed, 83 injured, £238,861 damage.

22-23 December, Southeast coastal towns, 18 defence sorties.
? Gothas and 2 Giants despatched.
Scattered bombing, many bombs fell into the sea between Ramsgate and Sandwich.
Due to engine failure a Gotha came down at Hartsdow farm, Garlinge, the aircraft set on fire by its crew.
No casualties or damage.

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Re: Air Raids Kent 1917, 25th May to 22 August.
« Reply #10 on: February 12, 2011, 22:10:08 »
First daylight Gotha raids.

               First daylight Gotha raid.
25 May, 1917, London, Folkestone, 77 defence sorties.
23 Gothas despatched, 21 attacked.
The original plan was to attack London, 23 aircraft took off from airfields in Belgium with 2 turning back with engine trouble. On approaching England the aircraft divided into 2 formations. 1 formation flying at c15,000 was spotted from the Tonge lightship at 16.45 hrs. The forations crossed the British coast between the Blackwater and Crouch estuaries at 17.00hrs. As they neared Tilbury 30 mins later the ground became obscured by cloud and Brandenburg turned South to look for another target. The 2 formations flew across Kent, dropping bombs at Luddesdown, Harvel, Linton, Marden, Pluckley, Smarden and Bethersden. 6 bombs were aimed at Ashford rail works, but all missed. 18 year old Gladys Sparkes was killed in Providence Street, Ashford and 2 men and a boy injured. Bombs also landed at Kingsnorth, Shadoxhurstand and Melsham. 21 bombs were dropped on Lympne airfield. 5 bombs were dropped on Sandgate with little damage.
16 bombs were dropped on Hythe with 2 fatalities. 6 bombs fell on Shorncliffe Army camp with 18 fatalities, 16 Canadian, 1 British and 1 American serving in the Canadian Army.
3 civilians were killed in Cheriton.
51 bombs fell on Folkestone, 20 of them duds, 6 of the duds fell into the sea.
18 bombs fell in the West End and Central station areas with 4 killed.
6 fell in the Radnor Park and Ford areas, 1 killed.
8 bombs fell in the Bouverie Road East area, 6 killed.
2 bombs fell on Tontine Street, 1 a dud. The live bomb killed 61 civilians, many of them women and children queuing outside Messr Stoke's greengrocery store at no 51 a-c.
6 fell in East Folkestone. A dud was dug up in 1932.
All areas, 95 killed, 195 injured £19,405 damage.
The raid and its aftermath is covered in detail on pages 49-112 of 'A Glint in the Sky',by Martin Easdown with T Genth, Pen and Sword, 2004,
Highly recommended.
More details, including a list of Fatalities and persons injured @
See also

              Second daylight Gotha raid.
5 June, Sheerness and Shoeburyness, 62 defence sorties.
22 Gotha despatched, another aborted raid on London, due to strong Easterly winds Shoeburyness and Sheerness became the alternative targets.
13 killed, 34 injured, £5,003 damage.
The raid is covered in detail in Bomb Damage Bluetown and Sheerness @

           Third daylight Gotha raid.
13 June, London, Margate, Shoeburyness, 94 defence sorties.
20 Gothas despatched, 18 Gothas attacked.
4 aircraft out of the 18 fell behind with various problems, 1 of these dropped bombs on Margate, 10.44 hrs, before turning back. C 100 houses in Tivoli Road were damaged and 4 people slightly injured.
2 of the other aircraft with problems dropped their bombs in the Shoeburyness area, while the 4th bombed the Victoria docks.
The remaining 14 aircraft dropped 72 bombs mainly on residential area within a mile of Liverpool Street station. 18 children were killed and 30 badly injured by a direct hit on the Upper North Street school, Poplar.
162 killed, 432 injured £129,498 damage.

16-17 June, night London, Ramsgate, Harwich, 32 defence sorties.
Attack by 2 Navy Zeppelins.
Zeppelin L42 bombed Ramsgate at 02.00 hrs, having abandoned any idea of reaching London due to strong winds. 1 bomb landed on a Naval ammunition store, the explosion damaged some 600 houses and smashed c 10,000 windows. 3 people were killed by a bomb that demolished 4 houses in Albert Road.
2 bombs dropped on Dover fell into the harbour.
Zeppelin L48 had trouble with 2 of its engines, bombs aimed at Harwich fell into fields 5 miles to the North.
L48 was shot down over Holly Tree farm, Theberton at 03.30 hrs, 3 crew survived.
3 killed, 16 injured. £28,159 damage.
For more details see

           Forth Gotha daylight raid.
4 July, Harwich, Felixstowe, 103 defence sorties.
25 Gothas despatched, 18 aircraft attacked.
17 killed, 30 injured, £2,065 damage.

   Fifth Gotha daylight raid.
7 July, London,  108 defence sorties.
24 Gothas despatched, 22 attacked.
1 Gotha with engine trouble bombed Margate and RNAS Manston, 3 people being killed by a bomb that wrecked a house at 11 Arundel Road.
The remaining aircraft dropped their bombs on London.
One of the attackers was shot down at sea, while 4 more crash-landed on their home airfield.
57 killed, 193 injured, £205,622 damage.
For more details see

          Sixth Gotha daylight raid.
22 July, Harwich, Felixstowe, 122 defence sorties.
1 Gotha was brought down in the Dunkirk (France) area.
13 killed, 26 injured, £2,780 damage.

     Seventh daylight Gotha raid.
12 August, Chatham, Southend, Margate, 13 defence sorties.
Primary target was Chatham, but strong winds had driven the formation North so the alternative targets of Margate and Southend were attacked. A single bomber dropped 4 bombs at Margate, 17.40 hrs, damaging 40 builings and injuring a women.
34 bombs were dropped on Southend and Rochford, some of the bombs were duds or fell into the sea. One of the bombers was shot down at sea, while another 4 crashed on landing. (Without the weight of the bombs the Gotha became rather unstable)
33 killed, 46 injured, £9,600 damage.

21-22 August, night, Northern England, Hull, 21 defence sorties.
Raid by 6 Naval Zeppelins.
1 injured, £2,272 damage.

      Eighth Gotha daylight raid.
22 August, Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, 138 defence sorties.
15 Gothas despatched, 10 aircraft attacked.
5 bombs fell on Margate, but caused no casualties.
28 bombs fell on Ramsgate, killing 7.
9 bombs fell on Dover, killing 2 military personnel and a barmaid.
One of the Gothas crashed in flames on the Hengrove golf course, the crew all killed.
2 more Gothas crashed at sea, one 3/4 of a mile off Margate, the other off Dover.
12 killed, 27 injured, £17,145 damage.
For more details see

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Re: Air Raids Kent 1917, To 24th May.
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1 March, 1917, Broadstairs, 24 defence sorties.
1 floatplane attacked Broadstairs, 09.45 hrs, 6 bombs falling on land and 6 at sea.
6 injured, £700 damage.

16 March, Westgate, 7 defence sorties.
A floatplane from SFA 1 dropped 13 5 KG bombs in open country and 7 on Garlinge. Houses were slighty damaged in Belmont road as was the Westgate bandstand.
No casualties,  £45 damage.

16-17 March, night, airship raid (4)  17 defence sorties.
Widely scattered bombing.
Zeppelin Z35 came in over Thanet at 22.20 hrs. Flew over Ashford then recrossed the coast near Dover at 00.25 hrs.
L39 came in over Thanet at 22.40 hrs, flew over Ashford and departed near Pevennsey at 23.50 hrs. L39 was destroyed by French gunfire near Compiegne.
L40 came in over Herne Bay at 01.00 hrs and departed near New Romney at 02.15 hrs.
L41 was over the Winchelsea-Dungeness area 01.40 -02.05 hrs.
A 600 lb bomb was dropped on Windless Down in a corner of Longwood , near Dover with no damage. 3 HE bombs fell on Appledore, 4 incendiary bombs fell on Hougham, i HE bomb at Ivy church and 7 incendiaries and 2 HE on Newchurch.
No casualties £163 damage.

17 March, Dover, 2 defence sorties.
A single aeroplane dropped 4 bombs near the submarine pens, no damage.

5-6 April, night, Ramsgate, no defence sorties.
A single floatplane of SFA 1 dropped 8 bombs between 22.03-22.30 hrs, £4 damage.

19 April, coastal shipping, no defence sorties.
6 floatplanes, 4 of which were torpedo bombers of SFA 1, 07.38 hrs. 2 torpedoes, aimed at the armed drifter, Carol Bank and the SS Nyanza off the goodwins, dived and sank. A torpedo aimed at a large dreger off Ramsgate, embedded itself in the mud of the harbour. The fourth aircraft returned home with its torpedo after becoming lost in fog while trying to attack the monitor Marshal Ney.
No casualties or damage.
For more details see

6-7 May, London, night, 4 defence sorties.
An Albatros CVll of Feldflieger Abteilung 19, dropped 5 10 KG bombs between Holloway and Hackney.
1 killed, 2 injured, 3510 damage.

23-24 May, night, London,  76 defence sorties.
6 Navy Zeppelins. Thick cloud and adverse winds prevented any of the Zeppelins reaching London. C 60 bombs were widely scattered.
1 killed  none injured, £599 damage.

Up to the 24th May the main German bombing effort was mounted by the airships, with single engined aeroplanes making hit and run raids mainly on the Kent coast.
On the 25th May, 1917 Britain came under attack by Kamplgeschwaded Der Obersten Heereslitung 3 (Kagohl) later called Bombengeschwader or Englandgeschwader (Boghol) flying twin- engined bombers. Commanding Officer Hauptmann Ernst Brandenburg.

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Re: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
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Bomb Damage at Unity Street Sittingbourne from the Zeppelin Raid on 4th June 1915.


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Re: Air Raids Kent 1916, July to December.
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9 July, Manston, 1916, 19 defence sorties.
Reconnaissance, probably by an aircraft from Marine Landflieger Abteilung 1. The aeroplane was first seen by the North Foreland lookout at 10.35 hrs. It flew off South of Ramsgate at 11.05 hrs. The enemy came under attack by Flt Sub-Lieut F S Mill, flying a Bristol Scout from Manston, from 40 miles off the Kent coast almost to Ostende where Mills ran out of ammunition.

9-10 July, night, Dover, No defence sorties.
The floatplane crossed the Kent coast between Folkestone and Dover at 23.50 hrs, 7 bombs landed near Castlemount cottages, Dover with little damage.

28-29 July, night, airship raid (1) Eastern England, 1 defence sortie.
Raid hampered by widespread fog, no casualties

31 July- 1 August, night, London Eastern England, airship raid (7) 12 defence sorties.
Bombs fell mainly in open country, no casualties.

2-3 August, night, Eastern England, 6 Navy Zeppelins, 32 defence sorties.
Zeppelin L-11 bombed Harwich, the other airships scattering their bombs in open country. Zeppelin L31 dropped its bombs into the sea off Dover.
1 injured, £796 damage.

8-9 August, night, Northeast England, 2 defence sorties.
Airship raid (9) widespread fog.
10 killed, (mainly Hull).

12 August, Dover, 10 defence sorties.
1 aeroplane from MLA 1 dropped 4 bombs at 12.27 hrs. At least 1 bomb landing on RNAS Guston Road aerodrome near Dover.
7 injured.

24-25 August,, night, London, Ipswich, Harwich, 4 Navy airships, 16 defence sorties.
Zeppelin L31 made landfall near Margate and flew on to London, causing all of the nights casualties and most of the damage, at Deptford, Greenwich and Blackheath.
Zeppelin L32 came in East of Folkestone and dropped its bombs into the sea off Deal.
9 killed, 40 injured, £130,203 damage.

2-3 September, night, London, 16 defence sorties.
With 12 Navy Zeppelins and 3 Army Zeppelins this was the largest airship raid of the war. Winds, heavy rain and icing dispersed the fleet and only one airship flew within 7 miles of central London. 16-17 tons of bombs were scattered from the Humber to Gravesend, with little damage and minimal casualties. Navy Zeppelin LZ98 bombed Gravesend at 01.15 hrs.
Navy Zeppelin SL11 was shot down by Lieut W l Robinson of 39 squadron RFC. The Zeppelin coming down at Cuffley, North London, the crew of 16 all being killed.
Lieut Robinson was awarded the VC.
4 killed, 12 injured,£21,072 damage.

22 September, Dover, 11 defence sorties.
Hit and run attack by a single aeroplane which appeared 4 miles off Deal at 10,000 ft. It turned West to drop 7 small bombs on Dover at 15.05 hrs.
No casualties and little damage.

23-24 September, night, Nottingham, London, 26 defence sorties.
Attack by 12 Navy Zeppelins, 2 shot down.
L32, shot down near Billericay with loss of all 22 crew, 01.20 hrs.
L33, grounded North of Blackwater estuary, 01.20 hrs.
40 killed (on ground) 130 injured, £135,068 damage.

25-26 September, night, London, York, Wetherby, Bolton, Sheffield. 15 defence stories.
7 Navy Zeppelins.
43 killed, 31 injured, £39,698 damage.

1-2 October, night, London, Midlands, 15 defence sorties.
12 Navy Zeppelins, Zeppelin L31 shot down over Potters Bar with no survivors.
1 killed, 1 injured, £17,687 damage.

22 October, Sheerness, North Foreland, 8 defence sorties.
The attack on Sheerness was a high-flying hit and run raid by Leut Walther Llges of Marine Landflieger Abteilung 1. 4 bombs were dropped, only one of which fell on land at 13.37 hrs.
A second enemy turned back from the North Foreland after being fired on by 2 Naval vessels. The aeroplane may later have been shot down off Blankenberghe.
£20 damage.

23 October, Margate, 12 defence sorties.
Single aeroplane hit and run, 3 bombs dropped on Cliftonville at 10.05 hrs. 1 bomb fell on the roof of St George's hotel on Lewis Avenue, injuring 2 people.
£299 damage.

27-28 October, night, West Hartlepool, the Potteries. 40 defence sorties.
9 Navy Zeppelins.
Zeppelin L34 was shot down 1 mile North on the Mouth of the Tees, no survivors.
Zeppelin L21 shot down off Lowestoft, no survivors.
4 killed, 37 injured,£12,482 damage.

28 November, London, L.V.G Clv, 29 defence sorties.
A daylight hit and run attack on London by Leutnant Walther Llges and Deck Offizier Paul Brandt, at 11.50 hrs. 6 10 KG bombs were dropped between Brompton Road and Victoria station, the target being the Admiralty.
10 injured, £1,585 damage.
Engine failure brought the aeroplane down near Boulogne where the pair were captured.


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Re: Air Raids Kent 1916 to End June
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9 January,1916, Dover, 1 floatplane,   7 defence sorties.
Reconnaissance mission, 14.13 hrs.

22-23 January,1916, night, Dover, 1 floatplane,  no defence sorties.
Hit and run raid, 8 HE bombs and 1 incendiary were dropped near Dover garrison HQ, 00.47 hrs.
Harry Sladen, barman at the Red Lion inn in St James street was killed. 7 injured including 3 children, £1,591 damage.

23 January, Folkestone, Dover,    6 defence sorties.
2 floatplanes attacked Dover at 12.52 hrs, then dropped 5 bombs close to RNAS Capel.
No casualties or damage.

24 January, Folkestone, Dover,  6 defence sorties.
1 floatplane, reconnaissance.

31 January-1 February, night, Liverpool.
Attack widely scattered, Loughborough, Ilkeston, Skunthorpe, Derby, Burton-on-Trent and Tipton-Wednesbury-Walsall area.
70 killed.

9 Feb, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, 2 floatplanes,  24 defence sorties.
12 bombs fell on Broadstairs and 4 bombs on Ramsgate.
3 injured,   £350 damage.

20 February, Lowestoft, Walmer, 3 floatplanes,  29 defence sorties.
6 bombs were dropped on Walmer at 11.20 hrs. 1 hit the RM barracks, a boy, George Castle, died of injuries.
1 killed, 1 injured, £1,168 damage.
For more details see

1 March, Margate, Broadstairs, 1 floatplane, no defence sorties.
7 bombs dropped on Cliftonville, Kingsgate and Broadstairs, 17.10-18.22 hrs.
A 9 month old baby was killed in Cliftonville,  none injured, £497 damage.
The floatplane came down at sea after being shot at by patrol boats, the pilot taken prisoner, the observer drowned.

5-6 March, Hull, Beverley and Sheppey, 3 Navy Zeppelins,  1 defence sortie.
Due to snowstorms and strong winds Zeppelin L13 drifted South, 4 HE bombs were dropped over Sheppey, 02.20 hrs. The bombs landing at Ripley hill marshes and Danley farm with no damage,
18 killed (17 Hull) 52 injured, £25,005 damage.

19 March, Dover, Deal, Ramsgate and Margate. 6 floatplanes, 30 defence sorties.
A Sunday afternoon coastal hit and run raid, 3 floatplanes bombed Dover at 13.50 hrs, dropping 24 bombs over some 15-20 minutes.
3 bombs fell in Northfall meadow where 4 men of the Royal Fusillers were killed or died from injuries, 11 were injured.
Other bombs fell in Castle Place, Castle street and Folkestone road, where Miss E Stokes was injured and later died. a 7 year old boy was killed by the same bomb. Mrs J James was killed in Northampton street, with another women seriously injured. Other bombs fell in the Wellington dock, Commercial harbour, the castle, a convert in Eastbrook place, Church street, Kings street, Russell street and 2 bombs at East Cliff.
7 were killed in Dover and 30 injured.
The same 3 aircraft then dropped 9 bombs at Deal with little damage.
3 more floatplanes bombed Ramsgate and Margate at 14.10 hrs.
Mr H Divers and 5 children were killed in St Lukes Square. 16 year old George Philpott, whose 12 year old brother was killed, became something of a hero when he shielded his younger sister. He suffered severe Shrapnel wounds and died early in 1917. Mrs G M Bishop died of injuries.
Other bombs fell on Chatham street, King street and Chatham House school, then being used as a hospital. 9 bombs fell around the gas works with little damage.
1 bomb fell on Margate, hitting the HQ of the 9th Provisional Cyclist Company in Fort Crescent.
The raiders came under attack by British aircraft, providing Sunday afternoon entertainment for residents and holiday makers.
2 floatplanes were forced down at sea, both were recovered by the Germans.
14 killed, 26 injured, £3,809 damage.
For more details see Ramsgate and Margate. Dover and Deal.

31 March-1 April, night, Stowmarket, Rainham Essex, Sudbury, Thameshaven, Cleethorpes and other places. 5 Navy Zeppelins. 24 defence  sorties.
Navy Zeppelin L15 (Kptlt J Breithaupt) crossed the coast at Dunwich at 19.45 hrs. at 21.40 hrs L15 came under heavy gunfire from the Purfleet-Erith-Plumstead area. Bombs were dropped on Rainham Essex. L15 then received a direct hit from the Purfleet gun 21.45 hrs. At the same time it came under attack by a RFC aircraft. 2 gas cells were almost empty and others damaged. The Zeppelin became nose heavy and every possible item was jettisoned, L15 eventually broke its back and ditched 15 miles North of Margate just after 23.00 hrs. One crew member drowned and the others were picked by the armed trawler Olivine and transferred to HMS Vulture, which landed them at Chatham. Attempts were made to tow the Zeppelin to shore, but it foundered off Westgate. the remains were dragged up to Margate sands for inspection and then allowed to sink into the sands.
48 killed, 64 injured, £19,431 damage.

1-2 April, night, London Northern England, 2 navy Zeppelins, 7 defence sorties.
22 killed.

2-3 April, night,  14 defence sorties.   
3 Navy Zeppelins bombed Forth area and Berwick-upon-Tweed.
2 Army Zeppelins bombed London, Waltham Abbey and the mouth of the Deben, 13 killed.

3-4 April  London, 1 Navy Zeppelin, 4 defence sorties.
Bombs dropped on open country or in sea North of Yarmouth.
No casualties or damage.

5-6 April, night, Northen England, 2 Navy Zeppelins, 5 defence sorties.
1 killed.

23 April, Dover, reconnaissance by high flying aircraft, 7 defence sorties.

24 April, Dover, reconnaissance by high flying aircraft, 16 defence sorties.

24-25 April, night,London, Ongar-Barkingside. Deal, Whitstable, Preston, Minnis Bay, 4 Army Zeppelins.  16 defence sorties.
Zeppelin LZ87 dropped bombs on Deal harbour at 22.55 hrs, flew along coast to Ramsgate then turned home.
Zeppelin LZ88 crossed the coast between Herne Bay and Whitstable at 00.30 hrs. It flew to South of Canterbury then departed near Westgate at 01.35 hrs.
1 bomb landed on a bakers shop in Whitstable. 9 bombs were dropped at Preston and 13 incendiaries landed on Chislet marshes. A bomb uprooted 2 trees in the vicarage garden at St Nicholas-at-Wade. An incendiary bomb landed at Minnis bay with 3 HE bombs landing in the bay itself.
1 injured, £566 damage.

26-27 April, night, London, Deal, 1 Army airship, 8 defence sorties.
LZ93 developed engine trouble on crossing the coast at Kingsdown. At 23.30 hrs 3 bombs were dropped off deal. The airship departed over Westgate at 22.50 hrs. No casualties or damage.

2-3 May,night, Forth bridge (Navy) Manchester (Army) Scotland, Skinninggrove, Danby High moor, 14 defence sorties.
2 Navy Zeppelins, 1 Army Zeppelin.
9 killed.
Navy Zeppelin L20 crashed landed on the Norwegian coast.

3 May, Deal,  12 defence sorties.
1 Hansa-brandenberg NW of SFA 1 dropped 3 bombs near a Sandwich gun battery then another 7 on Deal at 15.59 hrs. 6 bombs fell around the railway station, severely injuring a Mr Putnell, a ticket collector, who lost one of his legs. One of the bombs wrecked the Admiral Keppel pub in Upper Deal despite not exploding.
A house in Albert Road was badly damaged.
6 injured, £720 damage.

19-20 May, night, Kent coast, 8 defence sorties.
In bright moonlight 7 floatplanes from SFA 1 attacked Dover, Broadstairs, Deal and Walmer. 59 bombs were plotted, each of 10 KG 15 bombs landed in the Victoria Avenue area of St Peters, Broadstairs, others landed near the Whitfield monument, the Electric tramway depot, Rumsfield waterworks, a farm at Bromstone and a cottage in Dumpton.
9 bombs fell near the Smalldowns Coastguard station and 3 fell in Ramsgate. 1 bomb just missed the Chequers inn at Sholden.
15 bombs fell on Dover, the Ordnance inn in Snargate Steet was badly damaged. Private H Sole of the East Surrey Regiment was killed at the Shaft Barracks. A number of bombs fell around Dover Collage with little damage.
1 killed 2 injured, £960 damage.

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Re: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
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I have that book and I'm told it was printed in 1927.
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Re: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
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From Ward, Lock & Co’s Dover, St Margaret’s Bay, Deal & District, no date but evidently 1920s:

"By reason of its geographical position and its possession of a spacious harbour, Dover’s experiences during the Great War were unique.
For residents there were the thrilling experiences of attacks by Zeppelins, sea-planes, aeroplanes, destroyers and submarines. In all Dover had 113 warnings."

Almost sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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Re: Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
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some information from
Dover and the War  1914-1918   book  by Oliver Bavington-Jones
“Zeppellin Raids 1915:
A fortnight later in May Dover had a real raid.
A combined attack was made by Zeppellins on Ramsgate, Dover, Deal and Calais.
…..  an hour later another Zeppellin was heard approaching St Margaret’s and the Coastguard on the look-out at once reported it to the Dover Anti-aircraft corps searchlights, whose beams at Langdon Battery were fixed on the Zeppellin – the first to be illuminated by a searchlight in Great Britain.
   The guns at the Drop Redoubt at once opened fire, but the gun at Langdon, a good useful weapon that would have done considerable damage to the low-flying airship, unfortunately, was out of action.  After the guns opened fire, the siron blew a warning and the electric current was cut off in the town – this being the first and only time that this was done.  The gun fire failed to reach the Zeppellin and the “tracer”  shells could all be seen to fall short.  The airshop however never came near the town and at once turned round and made out to sea and at the same time dropped a large number of incendiary bombs in the field and wood at Oxney.  The exact number was never announced but there were 23 in the field and many more in the wood and many did not catch fire and were taken away by people who found them and were not reported.  Those that did catch fire however burned for quite a long time.  None of the bombs were within a quarter mile of a dwellinghouse and did no damage beyond slight holes in the ground.  The Zeppellin’s crew it was clear was very much afraid of the gun fire and presently a smoke cloud was thrown out, and the guns ceased to fire on losing their target.”



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Re: Air Raids Kent 1915
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To put the raids into context, brief details of raids on other parts of Britain are listed in blue.
red= planned target, if different from actual target.

19-20 January, 1915, night. Humber, Norfolk, airship raid, (2) 4 killed.

21-22 February, night. Essex 1 aeroplane. crew captured, force landed at sea engine trouble.

14-15 April, night, Tyneside, airship raid (1).

15-16 April, night, Humber, Suffolk and Essex, airship raid (2)

16 April, Swale.  14 defence sorties.
First sortie against Britain by a German Army aeroplane, an Albatros Bll from Feldflieger Abteilung (Field Aviation unit) #4.
Crossed the Kent coast near Kingsdown at 11.40 hrs, flew at 8-9,000 ft over broken cloud to Sittingbourne, where 4 small bombs were dropped, another fell in the Swale and 5 incendiaries were dropped at Faversham. Flying East it crossed the Kent coast north of Deal at 12.50 hrs.
No casualties or damage.
For more details see

29-30 April, night, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, airship raid (1)

9-10 May, night, London, Southend, airship raid (1) 1 killed.

16-17 May, night, Ramsgate and Dover,   5 defence sorties.
Army Zeppelin LZ38 crossed Kent coast at 01.35 hrs, dropped c20 bombs on Ramsgate, flew out to sea, then returned to drop 33 bombs North- East of Dover.
2 killed, 1 injured (all Ramsgate) £1,600 of damage.
LZ 38 was damaged and 1 crewman killed when it was attacked by a RNAS aircraft over Ostende.
For more details see

26-27 May, night, Southend,airship raid (1) 3 killed.

31 May/1 June, night, London, airship raid (2) 7 killed.

4-5 June, night, London, Sittingbourne, Gravesend, Humber.   9 defence sorties.
Navy Zeppelin L10 mistook Shoeburyness for Lowestoft. 4 HE and 24 incendiary bombs fell on Sittingbourne and Milton Regis. 1 bomb killed a horse at Twydall farm Rainham. Gravesend was mistaken for Harwich. 5 HE and 3 incendiary bombs fell in Gravesend, houses were wrecked in Peppercroft street, Windmill street, Wingfield road and Wrotham road. A stable was destroyed in Brandon street, killing 2 horses. The nurses home at the General hospital was set alight, the nurses fortunately on duty.
8 injured, 6 in Gravesend, 2 in Sittingboure. £8,740 damage.
More details for Sittingbourne @ Click on Zeppelins over Milton.
See also

6-7 June, night, Hull. airship raid (1)
24 killed. The airship, Navy Zeppelin L9, was destroyed over Belgium by Flt Sub-Lieut R A J Warneford in the early hours of 7th June.

15-16 June, Tyneside, airship raid (1) 18 killed.

3 July, Harwich, 1 floatplane, bombs dropped into sea.

9-10 Aug, night,London, Humber.Dover, Eastchurch, Goole, Harwich, Lowestoft. airship raid (4) 21 defence sorties.
Navy Zeppelin L10 dropped 12 bombs on Eastchurch airfield with little damage.
navy Zeppelin L12 bombed Dover, again with little damage.
17 killed in Hull, 21 injured, £11,992 damage.
For more details see

12-13 August, night, London, Harwich, airship raid (2)  7 killed.

17-18 August, night, London, Ashford. airship raid (2)  6 defence sorties.
Navy Zeppelin L11 came in over Herne Bay and flew South to bomb Ashford, mistaking it for Woolwich. 2 HE and 19 incendiary bombs were dropped on Ashford with little damage. Bombs were also dropped around Badlesmere, with broken windows in Badlesmere church.
10 killed in London, 48 injured, £30,750 damage.
For more details see

8-9 September, night, London, East Dereham, Skinningrove. 26 killed.

11-12 September, night, London, North Weald, airship raid (3) no casualties or damage.

12-13 September, night, London,East Anglian countryside, airship raid (1) no casualties or damage.

13 September, Margate, 1 floatplane,from SFA 1, 2 defence sorties.
10 bombs dropped on Cliftonville, 4 landed on foreshore, 6 on the residential area. 2 woman died of injuries, 3 women, 2 men and a child were injured,
£500 damage.
For more details see

13-14 September, night, abandoned raid on London.

13-14 October, night, London, Lympne, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Croydon.
Zeppelin L14 dropped 4 bombs on Otterpool camp, Lympne. 15 soldiers were killed with 21 injured. Little damage was caused at Tonbridge Wells.
71 killed, 128 injured, £80,020 damage.
For more details see

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Air Raids Kent 1914-18.
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21 December. 1914,    Dover.    No defence sorties.
1 Friedrichshafen FF29 floatplane # 203 of SFA 1. Dropped 2 bombs in sea 400 yards south-west of Admiralty pier. 13.00 hrs.

24 December.    Dover.    2 unsuccessful defence sorties.
1 Friedrichshafen FF29 # 204 of SFA 1. Dropped the first enemy bomb to land on British soil. 10.45 hrs.
The bomb landed in the garden of Thomas A Terson. Windows were broken in the nearby rectory, and a Mr James Banks was knocked out of a holly tree.
No casualties, £40 damage.
For more details and photo of blue plaque, see post by Islesy July 22 2009 @

25 December. Cliffe. planned target London docks.   6 defence sorties.
Friedrichshafen FF29 #203, SFA 1. First spotted at 12.25 hrs off Bartons point Sheppey. Unbothered by anti-aircraft fire the enemy flew West along the Thames.
At 13.15 hrs, it was intercepted over Erith by a RFC Vickers Gunbus. The enemy turned South-East and dropped 2 bombs into a field near Cliffe railway station, then returned East along the North Kent coast. No casualties or damage.

The first three raids on Britain were all piloted by Oberleutnant-zur-See Stephan Prondzynski of the German Navys See Flieger Abteilung 1 (Seaplane unit # 1.)(SFA), based at Zeebrugge.
On the 26th December Prondzynski and his observer Fahnrich-zum-See Von Frannkenburg were awarded the Iron Cross for the raids.
Prondzynski and his then observer, Fahnrich-zur-See Heym were captured on 23rd February 1915 after being forced to land at sea with engine trouble after dropping 4 bombs on Essex. 21/22 Feb, night-time.


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