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Author Topic: Stone House - Canterbury Borough Asylum  (Read 3052 times)

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Stone House - Canterbury Borough Asylum
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2012, 15:48:13 »
My playground in the early 50s was the silted up lake in the grounds of Stone House  Canterbury Borough Asylum.  It was full of high reeds and all the  kids on Spring Lane Estate knew it as 'The Swamp'.  There were two lakes and probably a bridge of some kind between them.  One day a group of us explored the top end of the lake by using boards laid on the silt and reeds.  When we got to the very end we found a stone wall with a carved head in it and water pouring out of it's mouth.  Beyond that was an area of swampy meadow where a spring rose.  That area is at the bottom end of the Canterbury Camping and Caravan site in Bekesbourne Lane.  The opposite end of the lakes was next to the estate.  There was a brick structure which possible had a sluice to retain the water level in the lakes.   The stream then flowed along a small valley and disappeared into a pipe.  On earlier maps it looks like the stream used to continue to Spring Lane where it joined another stream and finally into the pond in the grounds of Barton School in Longport.  There was a third spring that joined the first two.  It rose in the allotments next to Kent Avenue where there were a couple of 'newt' ponds.

So a couple of questions.

Does anyone have any photos/history of the lakes and Stone House in their prime?

Where does the all the water that runs into the pond at Barton School go?  (I presume undergound through the City and into the Stour somewhere)



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