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Author Topic: Farm at the top of upper Twydall Lane  (Read 5021 times)

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Re: Farm at the top of upper Twydall Lane
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2017, 10:12:27 »
I do remember that Farm, it was a bit run down and the farmhouse was nearer to Pump Lane although the gate was at the top of Twydall Lane. I lived first for a year in Pump Lane 1955-56 then Eastcourt Lane until the late seventies (although I went to sea in sixty nine so only home in Gillingham at odd times thereafter). Good memories of Twydall School and old friends, Jack Pearson, Peter Stacey, ? Richardson, Alan Parrett, the Haig boys.

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Re: Farm at the top of upper Twydall Lane
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2015, 21:51:47 »
I went to the school 'Twydall Lane School' at the top of Twydall Lane during the war. I think it was nearer the A2 than the present schools because for many years before the M2 I could always clearly see the Bell Tower on the top from the A2 and as far as I can remember there was only empty land but perhaps memory plays tricks. I have no recollection of a farm house where the Church is now. There was, many years ago (well before the war if not before the first), a farm called Crown Farm which had been owned by the Stunt family who, also before WW1, owned Twydall Manor (Lower Twydall Lane) and East Court Manor (Lower Eastcourt Lane) and in those days the land from both came up to the A2 (hence a legend in my family tells of Henry VIII meeting Ann of Cleves at Rainham Mark and they  took refreshment in Twydall Manor before riding on to Rochester). Crown Farm was built on before the war - the 20s/30s houses south of A2. And the top of East Court and Twydall were all built on at the same time eg Central Hotel & South Street. You can see it clearly in the styles of houses as you go down the roads.

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Farm at the top of upper Twydall Lane
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2013, 22:25:15 »
When I moved to Twydall Estate in the 1950's I recall a large farmhouse at the top of Upper Twydall Lane at the junction of the A2 on the left hand side where the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints is now. Does anyone remember this, who owned it or the land it was on, when it was demolished and any photographs or memories please?


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